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Highlights from Webdagene 2015

Lauren Currie

The science of doing good things (EN)

In a world of broken systems, intractable problems and too little time, our obvious choice is to just keep going. Lauren Currie spells out why, when it comes to doing good, it’s time to raise our game.

Kevin Hoffman

Co-Designing Content (EN)

Sure, we don’t like sitting in meetings. They can be ragged speed bumps in our process; necessary evils used to secure agreement without incurring excessive tire damage. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

From #webdagene on twitter

Brenna Lynch

Crafting insights: How Etsy does research outside the lab (EN)

Up until a few years ago, Etsy’s UX research efforts were ad hoc and provisional. They primarily relied on data and experimentation to understand our members’ behavior. That has changed now!

Jeff Gothelf

Building a culture of innovation (EN)

You’ve read The Innovator’s Dilemma. You’ve bought in to The Lean Startup. You’re ready to kickstart your company’s product innovation efforts. There’s just one problem: you’re not sure where to begin: What can design teach us about building a collaborative culture?

Ove Dalen

The REAL truth about content marketing (NO)

Content marketing is the new app. Everybody wants it. But most of us don’t know how to. The biggest problem to day is the lack of strategy. What do we want with all that content and is the organisation set up work with improvement, management and maintenance?

Ida Jackson, Ida Aalen

Social media for real - goodbye buzzwords (NO)

Facts and real outcome about social media from last years best speakers at Webdagene.

Jonathan MacDonald

Maximising the opportunities in a changing digital landscape (EN)

Jonathan’s keynote will expand the thinking about what is happening in the digital landscape and how it shapes what we create and develop.

Soraya Darabi

Crafting the perfect digital strategy (EN)

Your brand’s digital strategy is not about launching a simple website and posting a few tweets to twitter every now and again; a strategy originates from a plan of what you want to achieve and how you leverage the right online mediums to get to your desired results.

Mike Monteiro

This is the golden age of design! …and we’re screwed (EN)

Everywhere I look companies are hiring designers! Two hundred over here! A thousand over here! We need a lot of them and we need them fast. Finally! Companies have come to understand the importance of design in building successful products and services. Isn’t that great?

Krystal Higgins

New users matter too! Designing better onboarding experiences (EN)

First impressions count. A good first time experience for a new user establishes a foundation for future engagement, while a bad one can mean product abandonment.

Gerry McGovern

Decline of trust, rise of trust (EN)

For the past 50 years there has been a decline in trust in organizations, whether they be religious, governmental, business or media. In the last 20 years this decline has dramatically accelerated. As trust in organizations has declined, people’s trust in themselves and their peers has grown rapidly.

James Norwood, Sara Rosso Wilhelm Joys Andersen Bård Farstad Helene Graver

The future of CMS (EN)

Does your content management system work with you or against you? Will the huge systems be replaced with smaller more flexible solutions? Or will they totally disappear? The debate is on!